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With the 3.0 release behind it, the GNOME project has already set its sights on the next GNOME release. Developers and designers already busy planning which features will be included in GNOME 3.2.

The 3.2 feature proposal period is scheduled to last until May 9th 2011. During this time, contributors can propose plans for new features to be included in the next GNOME release. Those feature proposals can include proposals for new software modules to be added to GNOME.

Feature planning is a new part of GNOME’s software development schedule which was recently announced by the GNOME release team. The initiative reflects a commitment to delivering major improvements with each GNOME 3 release.

The new features being planned for 3.2 can be seen on the GNOME wiki. They include a new document browsing and search facility, an integrated contacts framework, new facilities for accessibility and color management, and more.