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The GNOME Foundation is happy to announce that 29 students have been accepted to work on GNOME through Google Summer of Code this year. The students will work on a wide range of projects improving the core GNOME 3 experience, GNOME technologies, and popular applications. Some applications that the students will work on are Documents, Web, Boxes, Calculator, Banshee, Getting Things GNOME!, Activity Journal, and GCompris.

Organizing the Outreach Program for Women helped GNOME improve the resources available for all newcomers and guidelines for the Google Summer of Code applicants. With the GNOME mentors list now available as part of the GNOME Love initiative and with each project idea on the GNOME Google Summer of Code ideas page including a potential mentor, we were able to ensure that the students connect with a potential mentor for the idea they were proposing. We also required the students to make a contribution to the project they are applying to work on. As a result, all successful applicants demonstrated their ability to work on the project they proposed and discussed their proposal with their potential mentor. The GNOME community is thrilled to have these talented and dedicated contributors have a chance to spend the whole summer working on GNOME!

The GNOME Foundation is deeply grateful to Google for its generous support of free software projects and for being included in the program for the eights year in a row! Also, a special thank you to the mentors who help guide the students!

For more information about the accepted projects please visit the GNOME project page on the Google Summer of Code website. The students will blog about their work on Planet GNOME throughout the summer.