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We recently had the chance to sit down and talk to Andrew Lee, co-founder of GNOME’s newest advisory board member Private Internet Access. Andrew Lee is a long-time privacy advocate, and has co-founded several other privacy related companies in the past including Mt Gox Live which was later acquired by Mt Gox the leading Bitcoin exchange. To learn more about GNOME’s Advisory Board and the addition of Private Internet Access, check out our press release.
How did you come to know about GNOME?

We actually knew of GNOME for quite awhile. However, we started using GNOME more actively when it was known as “Ximian GNOME” back in the day.

Do you know what percentage of your users are using GNU/Linux?

We do not have any specific numbers regarding the percentage of our customers who use GNU/Linux. However, with that said, we’re confident that most of our customers are using GNU/Linux in some form, whether on their desktop or mobile device.

Who do you recommend your services for?

We recommend that our services are used by most everyone in the world who values their privacy.

What is your take on private internet use in light of the recent news on
security? Are you worried about PIA’s continued operation?

Private Internet use is definitely set to increase given the newfound awareness amongst society about dragnet surveillance operations and, in general, the overall loss of privacy. We’re not worried about Private Internet Access’ continued operation as we’ve discussed with several subject matter legal experts within this realm, and now, the company is structured in a way that we should be around for a very long time.
With that said, please be sure to read our official response in regards to the PRISM/NSA debacle