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Each GUADEC, a small number of special speakers are invited to deliver keynotes. This allows different perspectives, specialisms, and partners to provide their own unique view, and to provide the GNOME community with unique insights. We are excited to announce that the keynote speakers for GUADEC 2014 will be Matthew Garrett, Nathan Willis, and Jim Hall.

Matthew Garrett is a security developer at Nebula, a member of the Fedora Board and sits on the Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board. He is known for his strong opinions and for his important work on UEFI and secure boot for Linux.

Nathan Willis works as an editor at the Linux and open-source news site LWN.net. He is also an open typeface designer, contributor to the Open Font Library, and co-author of the book Design With FontForge. His keynote will discuss the ethics of software, particularly in relation to the automotive industry.

Finally, Jim Hall is a Free Software advocate, and is best known for his work on the FreeDOS Project. He has recently conducted user testing on GNOME as a part of his studies at the University of Minnesota, and will be presenting his results as a part of his keynote presentation.

We would like to thank these three speakers for keynoting at this year’s GUADEC, and are looking forward to their presentations in Strasbourg.