For Immediate Release – August 8, 2015 The GNOME Foundation is looking for qualified candidates for the position of Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation. The Executive Director is critical for the Foundation, the public face of GNOME, the liaison to the GNOME Advisory Board, and the primary fundraiser for the Foundation. It is expected that the Executive Director will execute the daily business of the Foundation, and work with the Directors of the GNOME Foundation on a regular basis.

GNOME is a Free Software project that provides a libre desktop platform to users around the world. It is an influential social and technical contributor to the Free Software and Open Source software stack that continues to leave its mark on every piece of hardware that runs GNU/Linux across all technical market segments.

The GNOME community consists of translators, documentation writers, developers of all stripes, and systems administrators representing a unique and wide range of skills and talents that sets itself apart from other Free Software and Open Source projects.

The GNOME Executive Director will be an integral part of this community, with opportunities to be in a position of influence in the Free Software and Open Source eco-system.

If you are interested in this position, please apply at