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We are pleased to announce that the GNOME Foundation as one of several prominent FOSS projects endorses the User Data Manifesto version 2.0

Announced on 29 August at the ownCloud Contributor Conference in Berlin the User Data Manifesto version 2.0 is a more concise and clarified version of the original User Data Manifesto. It defines a basic right to privacy in the digital age and details three important user rights: control over user data, accessibility to knowledge about the data’s location and the freedom in choosing a platform.

“GNOME is proud to support the User Data Manifesto, and hopes other projects will do the same. As a free software project, GNOME has worked hard to ensure that all people have access to a platform that gives them control over their computers and their data. As more and more of our personal information is stored in the cloud, it’s increasingly important that users know where their information is and can access it using free and open source software.” – GNOME Foundation president Shaun McCance.