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Photo: CC0 Public Domain

GUADEC is the GNOME Foundation’s primary annual event, held every year in a different European city. The conference brings together contributors, enthusiasts, and partners from around the world for three days of talks, followed by three days of workshops (called “Birds of a Feather” sessions). This year, the event took place in Karlsruhe, Germany between the 12th and 17th of August. As always, the conference was a great opportunity for contributors from around the world to meet, make plans, and have fun.

Presentations covered significant developments in GNOME technologies such as Flatpak, GNOME Software, Builder, and new GTK+ features. There were also talks by GNOME’s partners, including Red Hat, SUSE, and Endless. In addition, the Foundation announced the debut of its newest conference, LAS GNOME, to be held this September in Portland, Oregon. In case you couldn’t make it, here’s a link to the 2016 GUADEC talks.

GUADEC couldn’t happen without the hard work of local volunteers who organize each conference, nor without the support of our sponsors. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped to make this year’s conference a success.

As has become tradition in recent years, the GNOME Release Team will be adopting “Karlsruhe” as the code name for the upcoming GNOME release, version 3.22 — now just a couple of weeks away!

Here is a gallery of pictures from the event. You can browse more or add your own here: GUADEC 2016 photos.



Photo credits: Jonathan Kang, Oliver Propst & Carla Quintana Carrasco