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The GNOME Project is responsible for the software that is used by hundreds of thousands of people, companies, and organizations around the world. Anyone can participate in the development of our software, and that equality of opportunity is an essential part of GNOME’s mission.

Our project and our software exist thanks to the GNOME community: a diverse, multinational group of people who share a common interest and passion. We recognize and celebrate the strength we gain from our diversity and seek to defend and extend it wherever possible. In doing so, we reject discrimination including that based on nationality, race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

As part of our work, the GNOME Project helps community members from all over the world come together at various conferences and events. The GNOME Project has hosted over a hundred such events, including many in the United States.

The immigration ban re-introduced in the United States tonight runs counter to the GNOME Project’s core principles. This ban stands in the way of collaboration and inclusion. We fear the immigration ban will have practical consequences for international members of the GNOME community who may be prevented from participating in GNOME events hosted in the United States. This would disrupt the GNOME Project’s productivity and innovation and could alienate valuable members of our community. 

We stand with the affected individuals of the immigration ban and affirm our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and continued collaboration with members from all over the world.