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GNOME will be present at FOSDEM, one of the largest gatherings for Free Software contributors and enthusiasts taking place in Brussels, Belgium January 3 & 4 February.

GNOME is hosting a booth where attendees can test the latest GNOME version, get promotion material, talk to contributors and learn about how to get involved in the community.

In addition to the booth, GNOME will host newcomers workshop sessions where people can meet leading contributors who will share practical knowledge about how to get involved in a specific contribution area/project. Information about the workshops including signup information is available on the GNOME wiki.

On Saturday evening from 8 pm, GNOME will be hosting GNOME Beers at A La Bécasse pub, Rue de Tabora 11. We welcome all members of the community and those who simply want to come and say hello!

A few days prior to FOSDEM  several core GNOME developers will gather in Brussels for a Hackfest with the aim of making progress towards GTK+4.

We look forward to seeing you.

Photo by Teemu Mäntynen CC BY-NC 2.0