The GNOME Foundation is pleased to announce that the upcoming GNOME.Asia Summit 2018 will be hosted in Taipei, Taiwan between Aug 11 – Aug 12, followed by a local tour on Aug 13.

The 2018 edition of the summit will take place at the National University of Science and Technology of Taiwan (commonly known as Taiwan Tech), and will be co-hosted with COSCUP (Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters), a major local open source conference held annually in Taipei since 2006.

The GNOME Foundation is excited about co-hosting this years summit with COSCUP as it will foster a stronger tie between the local open source community in Taiwan and GNOME, and has hopes of attracting wider interest and contributors.

Taiwan is a fantastic location for GNOME.Asia 2018 as the city is a major hub of technology and innovation. Taipei is home to a very active free and open source community, with weekly meetups, monthly hackfests, and over 50 annual conferences for various free and open source projects. Taiwan Tech itself was established as the first higher education institution of its kind within Taiwan’s technical and vocational education system.

Apart from the great setting for our free software conference, Taipei City holds many cultural landmarks and internationally renowned architecture that will surely delight GNOME.Asia 2018 participants. For example, Taipei 101 (formerly called the Taipei World Financial Center), is among the world’s tallest buildings, and Taiwan’s National Theater and National Concert Hall are some of the first modern performing arts facilities to be established in Asia. With the added benefit of having world-famous hot springs and night markets, there’s sure to be something of interest for everyone.

This year, the GNOME.Asia Summit will have two devoted track sessions that will be held separately from the COSCUP tracks in order to provide dedicated space for the GNOME community to discuss relevant topics.

Organizers also hope to provide a space for GNOME activities like Birds of a Feather sessions (BoFs) and hackfests, in order to encourage more contribution by GNOME.Asia participants into core areas of GNOME. The GNOME.Asia Summit 2018 website will be released in the upcoming weeks with more information about the event. In the meantime, any questions about the conference can be sent to, and interested sponsors can send queries to

We also encourage those interested in the summit to follow @GNOMEAsia on Twitter, or our main @GNOME social media accounts, for more up-to-date information on various activities and key dates for the conference.