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What a wonderful year 2018 was!

We are very excited to share with you some of our best moments, achievements, and great conferences/events which happened throughout the year in our annual report.

Worth mentioning:

  • Two new releases, 3.28 and 3.30, with some great new features and support for Thunderbolt 3 connections with added security checks that are designed to prevent data theft.
    Many improvements have been added for configuring touchpads and Bluetooth devices.
  • The GNOME screen reading application, Orca, saw a significant amount of refinement. A large number of bugs were fixed.
    Orca now has better interaction with GNOME Shell, with improvements to performance, minimizing searches for unrelated labels, and many fixes for gnome-shell extensions.
  • GNOME moved to Gitlab: this was definitely one of of the most impactful transitions. With around 5344 opened issues, 9717 closed issues and 7085 merged requests merged Gitlab is now not only a code hub but also beneficial for the whole community as a project management tool used by engagement team, conference organization team, and Board of Directors and by other communities.
  • We count 15 unique event locations, 17 events, 7 conferences attended and 10 hackfests which GNOME organized and/or attended.
    2018 brings memories of GUADEC in Almeria, LAS in Denver , GNOME ASIA in Taipei, and many other successful events.
  • Financially speaking two large donations were received in 2017 which is increased budget for events, hackfests, doubling of the funding for the Outreachy program, and hiring of new people in staff.
    Many thanks goes to our small donors and all companies that supports us in our mission.
  • GNOME had 15 students who successfully finished the Google Summer and two who successfully completed Outreachy internship by working in GNOME core applications, libraries, and new projects of Code internship by working in GNOME core applications, libraries, and new projects.

For more information and details please see the Annual Report .

2018 wouldn’t have been this awesome without you!
Cheers and looking forward to coming years.