Board of Directors

The GNOME Foundation is run by a Board of Directors, which is elected annually by the GNOME community, as the GNOME Membership, to carry out much of the GNOME Foundation’s tasks.

The meetings of the Board of Directors are posted publicly on the foundation-list mailing list and on the Minutes wiki page for easier access.

portrait of Robert McQueen

Robert McQueen


Portrait of Erik Albers

Erik Albers

Portrait of Karen Sandler

Karen Sandler

portrait of Michael Downey

Michael Downey

Portrait of Pablo Correa Gomez

Pablo Correa Gómez

Portrait of Allan Day

Allan Day

Portratit of Federico Mena Quintero

Federico Mena Quintero

Portrait of Julian Sparber

Julian Sparber (he/him)

Foundation Staff

The GNOME Foundation has a number of different staff who assist the organization and the GNOME project.

Richard Littauer

Interim Executive Director

Richard Littauer is an open source developer and advocate. He is an organizer of SustainOSS and hosts their podcast. Previously, he has worked at the OSI and Open Source Collective. He has two Master’s degrees and is working towards his PhD in Computer Science. He likes birds.

portrait of Rosanna Yuen

Rosanna Yuen

Senior Director of People

As the Senior Director of People, Rosanna oversees all internal processes within the GNOME Foundation including administrative functions, HR, finances, and operations. She fosters positive relationships within the organization and ensures efficient internal operations.

portrait of Kristi Progri

Kristi Progri

Director of Program Management

As the Director of Program Management, Kristi oversees the GNOME Pathways Initiative to recruit, mentor, and elevate new creators from diverse regions. She manages Pathways goals aligned with the strategic plan, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion and she executes all Foundation conferences and events.

portrait of Melissa Wu

Melissa Wu

Director of Community Development

As the Director of Community Development, Melissa connects and supports our diverse global community of staff and volunteers. She builds relationships, facilitates communication, identifies talents, and ensures the community’s needs are met. Melissa plays a key role in events and public representation, supports travel planning, and aids fundraising efforts by managing the GNOME Development Fund.

portrait of Bartłomiej Piotrowski

Bartłomiej Piotrowski

Infrastructure Engineer

As the Infrastructure Engineer, Bartłomiej plans, manages, and delivers services that ensure the Foundations’s technical platforms are reliable, efficient, and well-maintained. He is responsible for managing all infrastructure hosting the organization’s websites and auxiliary services, and maintaining Flathub.

portrait of Caroline Henriksen

Caroline Henriksen

Creative Director

As the Creative Director, Caroline oversees all communications, marketing, and branding to ensure a cohesive and polished image. She manages design assets and communication channels and develops communication strategies and plans. Caroline is responsible for producing content that supports the Foundation’s strategic goals and growth and emphasizes our diversity and community stories.

Anisa Kuci

Administrative Assistant

As an Administrative Assistant for the GNOME Foundation, Anisa is responsible for a wide variety of clerical tasks. She supports bookkeeping efforts through invoicing, reconciling expense reports, and preparing materials for tax filing and she assists with scheduling and meeting coordination, managing donor and general mailing lists, and responding to inquiries from the community.