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Over 140 parties were organized all over the world to celebrate the release of GNOME 3.0. To help capture the moment, we invited people to take photographs of their parties and a competition was held for the best images. The GNOME project received lots of great party photographs, and the competition judges have been hard at work sorting through the entries. They have now come to a decision, however, and can announce the competition winner as well as four runners up. Each will receive GNOME goodies as prizes.


Winning entry by Davit Kurniawan
By Davit Kurniawan (Lampung, Indonesia)

Runners up

Runner up: Tualatrix Chou
By Tualatrix Chou (HZ Lug, China)
Runner up: Sílvia Mira
By Sílvia Mira (Barcelona, Spain)
Runner up: Henry Addo
By Henry Addo (Nairobi, Kenya)
Runner up: Ana Rey
By Ana Rey (Granada, Spain)

Congratulations, everyone! We will be in touch to organize delivery of your prizes shortly.

Many thanks to everyone who sent us photographs. An online gallery containing many more images will be launched soon.

All the entries are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence (CC BY 3.0).