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Desktop Summit keynote speaker Thomas Thwaites gave an interview to us recently, covering a wide range of subjects. Thomas, who launched the Toaster Project in 2008, explores the relationship between technology, design and society. This interview is a sneak peek into the kinds of subjects that he is interested in.

Q: What makes you happy about what you do?

A: Well I think kind of trampling across boundaries between disciplines, areas of knowledge and so on, makes me quite happy about what I do. So I can be doing research in to something from a range of directions – browser tabs open for a particular project I’m doing at the moment range through medical prosthetic suppliers, journal articles on the evolution of flying dinosaurs and stress response in childhood, ebay auctions for deer skulls, WW2 gas rattles, and orthopaedic slings etc… and then I’m off to this workshop to mould some fibreglass… So I guess I really like the variety in the work I’ve found myself doing.

Read the full interview here