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Claire Rowland
Claire Rowland, Fjord

The second in our series of Desktop Summit keynote interviews is with Claire Rowland, Head of Research at Fjord, an international digital service design agency.

Claire will be talking to us about user interface design in the era of cloud services: the axis of user experience has shifted away from the desktop towards services delivered through multiple platforms of widely differing form factors and the cloud.  What does this mean for what users expect from their devices, and what does effective design across platforms, and the cloud, look like?

Among other things, Claire talked to us about what inspires her:

Wondering how people and cultures will change in the future in response to changes in society and technology. I’ve tried very hard to overcome this, but I have only a limited interest in cutting edge technology for its own sake; I want to know how we can use technology to improve people’s lives, make them smarter, happier, healthier and all sorts of other good things.

Read the full interview here.