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The full program for this year’s GUADEC conference has been announced. GUADEC is the premier GNOME conference, and is being held in a Coruña, Spain, from July 26th to August 1st. A total of 46 talks will be held during the core conference days, as well as 4 keynotes and a number of lightning talk sessions.

This year’s keynote speakers are Jacob Appelbaum, Yorba’s Adam Dingle & Jim Nelson, Alex “Skud” Bayley, Federico Mena Quintero, Jonathan Blandford & Dave Mason.

Jacob Appelbaum will speak about “The Tor Project: Anonymity online” and how this project has enabled roughly 36 million people around the world to experience freedom of access and expression on the Internet.

Adam Dingle & Jim Nelson will give a talk titled “Crowdfunding GNOME Application Development”, which is based in their experience at Yorba and GNOME projects as Shotwell and Geary.

Alex “Skud” Bayley will speak about “What’s Next? From Open Source to Open Everything” based in her experience of being involved in uncountable open projects ranging from copyright reform to community schools,

Federico Mena Quintero, Jonathan Blandford & Dave Mason will give a history of GNOME, recounting the early days of the project to our recent present.

The four core conference days will be followed by three days of working events and hacking sessions, which will give the GNOME community an opportunity to work and plan together.

More information about this year’s GUADEC, including how to attend, can be found on the conference website.