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GUADEC is only a few days away, but GNOME contributors are already gathering in A Coruña and getting down to some important work. Today marks the beginning of a two-day design event that is being hosted in the Igalia A Coruña office.

The UX Hackfest brings GNOME designers and developers together to review ongoing development initiatives. Features that are in development will be tested and discussed, and future development activities will be planned. The event aims to ensure that the next version of GNOME is the best ever.

The hackfest brings together members of the GNOME design team, in addition to key developers. It also involves a number of new GNOME contributors with the help of Google Summer of Code and the GNOME Outreach Program for Women.

This event could not have taken place without the support from sponsors: Igalia and Red Hat. It has also been supported by the GNOME Foundation. Many thanks to all.

You can learn more about the UX Hackfest on the event wiki page.