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A group of GNOME contributors will be gathering to accomplish important work. A User Observation Hackfest that will be hosted at the openSUSE Summit in Orlando, Florida (USA), on September 21-23, 2012.  The purpose of this hackfest is to gather knowledge to seed GNOME’s Pattern language for user interfaces and consequently improve the GNOME 3 experience for users.

One key aspect of this hackfest is a day trip to the City of Largo, Florida.  The City of Largo has a significant deployment of GNOME in the public sector.  Giving us an exciting opportunity to watch and talk to every day people who use GNOME on a day to day basis and observe how GNOME works for them.

The User Observation Hackfest is open to everyone.  If you are a passionate about GNOME 3 then we would love to hear your voice.  Please come down, register, and see us at the hackfest!

You can learn more about the User Observation Hackfest on the event wiki page.

As a side note, the openSUSE Summit will be running an original fundraising event called Pie for Pi in order to help the GNOME Foundation to sponsorize contributors to attend hackfests.




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