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Chromebook Pixel
Photo by David King

The GNOME Foundation has received several generous donations of laptops, which will be made available to contributors to assist with ongoing work on high-definition display support.

High-definition displays offer a significant improvement over traditional hardware, and are set to become increasingly popular in the future. GNOME is working to ensure that our software works well with them, and takes advantage of the opportunities they offer.

One of the donated laptops was provided by Brion Vibber, a GNOME user and supporter. Five more machines came from Intel’s Open Source Technology Center (OTC).

“Intel is excited about the possibilities that the next generation of high resolution Ultrabooks® will provide to their users,” says Dirk Hohndel, Intel’s Chief Linux and Open Source Technologist. “Accelerating better support for these systems by donating a few systems to the Gnome Foundation is just one of many ways in which we support the open source community.”

These donations provide a major boost to GNOME’s ongoing high-definition work. This is taking place over several areas of the Free Software stack, with GNOME contributors investing in and collaborating with other Free Software projects. Improvements have already been committed to Wayland as a result of this donated hardware.

The GNOME Project would like to thank Brion and Intel for their generous donations and ongoing support.