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Last weekend the GNOME project reached its goal of raising $20,000 to help make our software even more secure and privacy aware. We are hugely excited by this, and would like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated.

The GNOME project is passionate about protecting our user’s privacy and security, and every dollar of the money raised through this campaign will be channeled into development activities.

Just like with our previous campaign, which raised money to make GNOME more accessible, the GNOME Foundation will be allocating the funds raised through a bidding process. Anyone can apply will their proposals for how to enhance GNOME security and privacy. Areas that we are interested in pursuing include:

  • application containment
  • enhanced disk encryption support
  • Tor integration
  • user control over diagnostic reporting features
  • robust VPN routing
  • application integration with system-wide privacy settings
  • controls for how GNOME devices are identified on local networks
  • anti-phishing features for Web, the GNOME browser

Details of the bidding process will be announced as soon as possible, so watch this space. Thanks again to everyone who donated!