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GNOME Outreach Yearbook 2013Over the last years, the GNOME Outreach Program made several improvements to its central projects, the Outreach Program for Women and Google Summer of Code. Some of these improvements are making sure each intern connects with a potential mentor ahead of time, contributes a patch to the relevant module as part of the application process, and has blog posts with progress updates incorporated on Planet GNOME. All of these requirements were made to help students and interns to connect to their projects early on.

This year, we continued the tradition of a yearbook with the GNOME Outreach Program Yearbook 2013. In this book, you will find all participants from the Outreach Program for Women January-April 2013, the Outreach Program for Women June-September 2013 and Summer of Code 2013 . Furthermore, all students and interns who will be at this years GUADEC are highlighted with a badge. Please take the time to get to know our newest contributors!

Download the GNOME Outreach Program Yearbook 2013