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The latest update to GNOME 3, version 3.10, has been released. This release comes six months after the previous version, and includes new features, new applications, and many improvements.

Introducing the release, Allan Day (GNOME Design Team) said, ‟GNOME 3.10 is a significant upgrade for our users, and developers will benefit from new features in the application development platform. Our contributors did an incredible job and have created a really exciting release.“


Highlights in this release include:

  • A reworked system status area, which gives a more focused overview of your system.
  • ‟Software“, which provides an easy way to browse and install applications.
  • A collection of new applications, including Maps, Notes, Music and Photos.
  • New geolocation features, such as automatic time zones and world clocks.
  • Hi-resolution display and smart card support.

You can find out more details about these features, as well as the many other improvements, in the GNOME 3.10 release notes.

GNOME 3.10 also introduces initial Wayland support. This represents a major technological step forward for GNOME, and will enable the project to fully adopt the next generation display and input technology in the future.

The GNOME Project is a member of the GNU Project, and GNOME 3.10 comes just days before GNU’s 30th anniversary. Speaking about the 3.10 release, John Sullivan, Executive Director of the Free Software Foundation, said: ‟the GNOME 3.10 release exemplifies what GNU is about — technical and ethical excellence. The Free Software Foundation is proud to showcase the GNOME community’s work when talking to potential new free software users, and as GNOME users ourselves, we’re very thankful for these new improvements.“

Further information and reactions can be found in the GNOME 3.10 press release.