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The GNOME Foundation is happy to announce that 39 participants have been accepted for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) and the Outreach Program For Women (OPW) internships to work with the GNOME Project this summer.

The work will cover a wide range of tasks including improving Shell animations, annotation support in Evince, DLNA capabilities in Photos, and documentation updates. Information about all accepted participants and their projects is available in the e-mail welcoming the interns, which was sent to the Foundation mailing list.

It will be easy to follow the progress of the interns, as they are required to blog on Planet GNOME every two weeks.

These opportunities would not have been possible without the GNOME community members, many of whom themselves have participated in these programs before, guiding the participants and the financial sponsorship from Google, HP , Linux Foundation, and Red Hat.

The Foundation is looking forward to the results of the interns’ work, which will provide a better experience for users and developers.