The GNOME project is proud to announce the release of GNOME 3.18. The new version is the result of six months’ hard work by the GNOME community, and includes 25,112 changes by 772 contributors.

3.18 has been named “Gothenburg” in recognition of this year’s GUADEC organising team. GUADEC is GNOME’s main annual conference, and is only possible due to the hard work of local volunteers. In 2015, it was held in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Speaking on behalf of the Release Team, Matthias Clasen said: “This release brings significant improvements to many of our core applications, from better Google Drive integration in Files to a list view in Boxes to firmware updates in Software, and several entirely new applications.” He went on to thank everyone who made the release possible.

Major new features in GNOME 3.18 include:

  • Google Drive integration in Files
  • Firmware updates through Software
  • Automatic screen brightness
  • Touchpad gestures
  • Several new applications: Calendar and Characters
  • Significant improvements to Files, Boxes and Polari
  • And, as always, there are many other smaller changes and bug fixes!

GNOME 3.18 has plenty to offer developers, too. In particular, this release marks a major milestone for Builder, GNOME’s new integrated development environment. The new version also includes improvements to GTK+, WebKitGTK+, Clutter, as well as the Human Interface Guidelines. And major progress has been made on Wayland support and application sandboxing, both of which are available to try out.

More information about all these improvements – and more – can be found in the release notes.


Press queries can be directed to A screenshot pack is also available to download.