We are happy to announce that GNOME has been accepted to participate in Google Summer of Code 2017. GNOME has participated in the program every year since its inception in 2005 and it’s a pleasure to be participating once again!

Google Summer of Code allows students to work for the summer on a Free Software project. Accepted students receive a stipend to be able to focus on their internship, instead of having to find a summer job (“flip bits, not burgers” as they say), and are mentored by experienced project contributors. It is an excellent way to get involved in a wide range of Free Software projects.

Interested students and mentors can get more info about the program on our Google Summer of Code page. Students will soon be able to apply (registration opens on March 20th) and should be getting in touch with mentors now.

Image provided by Google Summer of Code under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0.