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With the start of the new year let’s take a moment and remember 2017.

2017 represented a strong year for the project, with another two releases with large technical advances. We have seen growing numbers of partners, new advisory board members and a wider adoption of GNOME on several distributions.

During the year, The GNOME Foundation board set a number of policies in place which likely will have a positive impact on the project, including hiring a full-time Executive Director to oversee the future success of the organization.

During GUADEC 2017, the largest annual conference, a special anniversary party was being held to acknowledge the project’s 20th anniversary. GNOME Asia Summit, the other major GNOME conference, happened in Chongqing China. In addition to the conferences, a number of Hackfests was being held and contributors represented GNOME at a number of events.

We are optimistic that 2018 will become an even stronger year. It’s a fantastic time to join the community and help shape future of the project. We always welcome new contributors, from developers, designers, translators, marketing people, event organisers and much more.

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