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The GNOME Foundation is proud to announce the creation of a new GNOME internship program matching strategic projects and valuable contributors, available from today to all who are interested!

The goal of the GNOME internship program is to bring development towards topics that are critical to further GNOME goals. To achieve such important tasks, software engineering and non-engineering projects are welcome, and everyone is encouraged to apply. Since these tasks are considered to be of higher complexity than other internships programs in the free software community recommend, GNOME internships will have a stipend of $8000 for a 3 month period. The GNOME Foundation is now able to redirect funds for specific topics that can be raised through campaigns and other initiatives.

With this, we are also pleased to announce the first round of internships, which will be focused on privacy and security with the funds of the privacy campaign we ran some time ago!

Check out the wiki page https://wiki.gnome.org/Internships  and take a look at the first round of projects at  https://wiki.gnome.org/Internships/2018/Projects, we encourage you to tell people about applying.

Feel free to send an email to internships-admin@gnome.org or reach to Carlos Soriano (csoriano at irc.gnome.org) if you have any questions, feedback, or thoughts about the program.