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What a wonderful year 2019 was!

We are excited to share some of our best moments, achievements, and great events that happened throughout the year in our annual report

GNOME 2018-2019 Annual Report Cover

Highlights include:

  • We increased the foundation’s staff with three new employees: a GTK Core Developer, a Program Coordinator and a Strategic Initiatives Manager.
  • We released Taipei (3.32) and Thessaloniki (3.34)
  • Technical achievements including GNOME Flatpak runtime, VM images, and Continuous Integration improvements. 
  • Accessibility achievements including new ARIA support in ATK and AT‑SPI2, improving the accessibility of web browsers; Orca support for Chrome/Chromium; and a “Pointer Location” feature for Wayland sessions.
  • GNOME moved to communications to Discourse, a free web forum software. We have over 500 registered users making 70 posts per day. 
  • We organized 10 events 13 hackfests.
  • We attended 11 conferences, where we presented, hosted a booth, and represented GNOME.
  • GNOME hosted eight students who successfully finished the Google Summer of Code and three who successfully completed Outreachy internships.
  • In August 2019, a patent assertion entity, Rothschild Patent Imaging, LLC, charged GNOME  with patent infringement.

For more information and details please see the Annual Report

2019 wouldn’t have been this awesome without you!  
Cheers and looking forward to coming years.