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We’re so happy that FOSS Responders is joining us as a Gold Sponsor at GUADEC 2020! FOSS Responders is an initiative powered by a group of individuals who “came together to support and celebrate our Free and Open Source Community affected by the COVID-19 economic fallout”. They are supported by a group of over twenty organizations and companies to help free and open source software (FOSS) projects through funding; connecting volunteers to projects; advising around moving events online; and momentum building for projects that no longer have the opportunity to do so through in-person events.

Sponsorship for GUADEC was provided by a coalition of companies and individuals, including: Indeed, Open Source Collective, Open Collective, Linux Fund, GitHub, Google, Sentry, Ethereum Foundation, Digital Ocean, and the Sloan Foundation.

In addition to the respect we hold for their efforts and thoughtfulness towards the FOSS community, we appreciate their generosity to GNOME.

GUADEC is the GNOME community’s annual conference. The 2020 conference will take place entirely online, running July 22 – 28. The event will feature talks, workshops, Birds of a Feather Sessions, social events, and lots of space to collaborate and get to know the GNOME community. Register today!