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GNOME is participating in another round of Google Season of Docs! We have a long history of mentoring and outreach, and consider Season of Docs to be a continuation of those efforts. Season of Docs was started by Google in 2019 to bring technical writers and free and open source projects together. Projects will allow writers to gain experience in contributing to FOSS while learning about the technical complexities and helping projects improve their documentation. This year we welcome two new technical writers.

Our first writer, Pranali, will be working on updating GNOME Applications Help Documentation. Pranali has experience in technical writing and documentation and has worked with organizations like Haiku OS and Red Hat in the past. This project will be mentored by longtime GNOME Foundation members and contributors, Shaun McCance and Petr Kovar.

Our second writer, Wisdom, will focus on GObject Tutorial Consolidation. Wisdom is a member of our GNOME Africa community and has a background in writing, development, and UX/UI Design. This project will be mentored by GNOME Foundation GTK Core Developer Emmanuele Bassi.

Google Season of Docs projects were announced on August 16 and our technical writers will now begin the community bonding period during which they’ll learn more about the GNOME community and the people in the projct. Docs development will start on September 14 and run through to early December when the writers will submit their final projects for evaluation.  

See all projects selected for this year’s Season of Docs: https://developers.google.com/season-of-docs/docs/participants.