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We are proud to announce the release of GNOME 40. This release is the first to follow our new versioning scheme. It brings a new design for the Activities overview and improved support for input with Compose sequences and keyboard shortcuts, among many other things. Improvements to core GNOME applications include a redesigned Weather application, information popups in Maps, better tabs in Web, and many more.

More information about the changes in GNOME 40 can be found in the release notes:

GNOME 40 will be available shortly in many distributions. If you want to try it today, you can use the just-released Fedora 34 beta or the openSUSE nightly live images which both include GNOME 40.

We are also providing our own installer images for debugging and testing features. These images are meant for installation in a vm and require GNOME Boxes with UEFI support to boot:

If you are interested in building applications for GNOME 40, look for the GNOME 40 Flatpak SDK, which is available in the repository.

This six-month effort wouldn’t have been possible without the whole GNOME community, made of contributors and friends from all around the world: developers, designers, documentation writers, usability and accessibility
specialists, translators, maintainers, students, system administrators, companies, artists, testers, and last, but not least, our users.

GNOME would not exist without all of you. Thank you to everyone!

Our next release, GNOME 41, is planned for October 2021, after our yearly GUADEC conference, which will be online again. Until then, enjoy GNOME 40.