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As the GNOME community has moved further towards becoming Matrix-first, our legacy IRC chat systems have begun to show their age. Migrating to Libera Chat allows us to maintain IRC operations on a well-maintained and thriving platform, while also bringing the Matrix interoperability to the next level.

The shift to Libera Chat went live today. What does this mean for you? Community members already using Matrix will not notice any change, if you’re a GIMPnet user you may experience some alias changes to chat channels. Channels that have had alias changes will need to be rejoined manually. For channels with the same alias the change to Libera Chat will be transparent. For more details on what this move means for you and a deeper explanation on why we’ve moved, please see the Discourse announcement from Foundation Board member Thibault Martin.

GIMPNet has provided our community and countless others with a remarkable communications platform these past decades. It is with great appreciation that we thank the GIMPNet maintainers and moderators for their hard work and dedication to promoting open source collaboration.