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The GNOME Foundation is thrilled to announce the GNOME project is receiving €1M from the Sovereign Tech Fund to modernize the platform, improve tooling and accessibility, and support features that are in the public interest.

The Sovereign Tech Fund supports the development, improvement and maintenance of open digital infrastructure. Our goal is to sustainably strengthen the open source ecosystem. We focus on security, resilience, technological diversity, and the people behind the code.


GNOME has played a major role in the Free Software, Open Source, and Linux desktop ecosystem for more than 25 years. The GNOME community is dedicated, diverse, and dynamic. The GNOME desktop and apps are used by millions of people and its technologies are deployed on countless devices and products.

We are excited to see the GNOME project recognized as critical digital infrastructure and are grateful to Sovereign Tech Fund for supporting our initiatives for GNOME and the wider Linux desktop.

This investment will fund the following projects until the end of 2024:

  • Improve the current state of accessibility
  • Design and prototype a new accessibility stack
  • Encrypt user home directories individually
  • Modernize secrets storage
  • Increase the range and quality of hardware support
  • Invest in Quality Assurance and Developer Experience
  • Expand and broaden freedesktop APIs
  • Consolidate and improve platform components

Individuals, nonprofits, and corporations who are interested in joining and collaborating on these projects are invited to contact stf@gnome.org.

We thank Tobias Bernard and Sonny Piers for organizing and managing this initiative on behalf of the GNOME community.