You are currently viewing Exciting Updates on the GNOME Development Initiative and Sovereign Tech Fund

GNOME Foundation Executive Director Holly Million had a call this week with Tara Tarakiyee, our program manager at Sovereign Tech Fund (STF), providing him with an update on the project work taking place under the Foundation’s current contract with STF and the Foundation’s plans to continue and expand the work. We’re thrilled to share those updates with the greater community here!

Key Updates

  • The contracted work continues to progress, and the Sovereign Tech Fund is very encouraged by what has been accomplished to date.
  • The areas of work currently being funded by STF are planned to continue and to be strengthened and expanded as part of our new, permanent GNOME Development Initiative, as described in our draft strategic plan:
  • The Foundation is reorganizing the project and hiring an additional program manager to work with current managers on the new Initiative. We are finalizing a contract for transitional work with the new manager and will make a formal announcement next week.
  • We hope to significantly increase the amount of development work happening through the Initiative with a process that allows community suggestions for needed work and an application process for grants for proposed work.
  • The Foundation recently applied to the Open Tech Fund to strengthen the Initiative, including proposing to hire a permanent full-time program manager and to invest in other important work to support our community
  • The Foundation will apply for a new round of contract funding when the Sovereign Tech Fund reopens for applications in mid-June. 
  • We have launched the GNOME Development Fund, which will raise additional support from the community to fuel the development work possible through the Initiative. Starting immediately, all donations made through the Fund will build the Initiative. This Fund page will continue to develop, with counters, a backer list, tiered benefits for backers at differing levels, and badges coming next. Donate today to support the future of GNOME.

In other exciting news, the Foundation has new professional bookkeeping systems in place, completed a financial review in preparation for a required financial audit next year, and at the completion of the second quarter of this fiscal year, the Foundation is performing under budget and is on track in our commitment to having a non-deficit year. We will share more details, including graphs and financial details in a separate update soon.