GNOME Asia Summit 2019 to be held in Gresik, Indonesia

The GNOME foundation is pleased to announce that GNOME Asia Summit 2019 will take place in Gresik, Indonesia between 11-13 October at the Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik (UMG). This city has been known to the world since 11th century as a strategic trade center. It is located on the western side of Surabaya,…

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LAS 2019 Call for Locations

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The GNOME and KDE communities are excited in their joint interest in co-hosting the Linux App Summit (LAS) this year, and are currently looking for locations for an event that is hosted sometime in September - December 2019. The Linux App Summit is an evolution of the Libre Application Summit that was…

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GUADEC 2019 Call for Papers

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GUADEC, the GNOME User and Developer European Conference, is GNOME’s main annual conference. This year it is being held in Thessaloniki, Greece from 23rd to 28th of August This is a great opportunity to share your ideas with the GNOME project, as well as the wider open source community. You don’t have…

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Meet GNOME at FOSS-North

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Foss-North is a free / open source conference covering both software and hardware from the technical perspective. Hosted in Gothenburg, this event takes place during April 7-10 at Chalmers Conference Centre.FOSS-North provides a meeting place for the Nordic FOSS communities and will bring together great speakers with a great audience. On 7th…

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GNOME presence in LibrePlanet 2019

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This year GNOME will attend LibrePlanet, which is a conference hosted by the Free Software Foundation LibrePlanet brings together software developers, law and policy experts, activists, students, and computer users to learn skills, celebrate free software accomplishments, and face challenges to software freedom. This conference will take place on March 23rd-24th in…

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GNOME 3.32 Released

The latest version of GNOME 3 has been released today. Version 3.32 contains six months of work by the GNOME community and includes many improvements, performance improvements and new features. This release features a refreshed visual style ranging from an entirely new set of app icons to improvements to the user interface…

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GNOME presence in SCALE 17x

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SCaLE 17x – is the largest community-run open-source and free software conference in North America – which will take place on March. 7-10, 2019, at the Pasadena Convention Center.  This event expects to host 150 exhibitors this year, along with nearly 130 sessions, tutorials and special events. Photo byAgentUhOh7 CC BY-NC 4.0…

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Call for Proposals to Host GNOME.Asia Summit 2019

The GNOME.Asia Committee is inviting interested parties to submit proposals for hosting the GNOME.Asia Summit during the second half of 2019.GNOME.Asia Summit is the featured annual GNOME Conference in Asia. The event focuses primarily on the GNOME desktop, but also covers applications and the development platform tools. It brings together the GNOME community in Asia…

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2018 Year End Summary

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With 2018 having ended, the GNOME project now enters another exciting year full of software releases, events, and computing excellence. Looking back at the past year, 2018 brought us two large GNOME releases, versions 3.28 and 3.30, which delivered improvements across the board, particularly with performance, usability, and overall polish. Continuing its…

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