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Last month, GNOME Foundation have had more members to join its warm family. We are happy to announce that the new members are as follows:

  • Dan Vrátil (Evolution’s porting to WebKit, Bugzilla contributions)
  • Stefano Candori (GNOME Activity Journal maintainer and Zeitgeist
  • Andres Gomez (Organized GUADEC in the past, sponsors GNOME through Igalia (co-owner), coded various GNOME Mobile apps)
  • Robert Nordan (Tomboy, Pinta)
  • Antigoni Papantoni (PiTiVi, participated in GStreamer hackfest, OPW
  • Javier Hernández Antúnez (Developer and member of the GNOME a11y Team, Accerciser co-maintainer, Contributor to the openSuse GNOME 3.2 live images)
  • Yuri Myasoedov (Coordinator of the Russian translation team, also maintain the GNOME russian website, gnome.org.ru)
  • Tim Waugh (CUPS printing system, GNOME Control Center and Gtk+ printing framework)
  • Chris Lord (Contributions to some GNOME projects, as Clutter, Pinpoint, grilo, libsoup, gtkhtml2, libjana, contacts, dates)
  • Susanna Huhtanen (GNOME’s OPW internship, GNOME Documentation)

They have all contributed significantly to the development of GNOME. Thank you all for your great help and welcome! You join our other amazing Foundation Members

If you contribute to GNOME, you too can become a member of the Foundation. See the membership page for details.