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The GNOME Foundation is pleased to announce the conclusion of the WebKitGTK+Hackfest. The hackfest was held December 9-12 and was hosted once again at the Igalia offices in A Coruña, Spain. This hackfest has been very successful with more than twenty attendees from Igalia, Collabora, Adobe, Intel, Samsung and Red Hat.

WebKitGTK+ hackfest 2012 picture by Joone Hur

The hackfest was extremely productive, and highlights of the tasks that were worked on there include:

  • Many improvements in Web, the GNOME web browser: a new incognito mode to minimize the risk of being tracked both on the internet and in your own computer, a slick new UI for the search, revamping the creation of Web applications by selecting better icons and names, adding undo close tabs, preventing empty download-only windows and preliminary work for the integration of the Document Viewer in the browser.
  • Switching from Pango to Harfbuzz to render complex text.
  • Porting the WebAudio backend to GStreamer 1.0.
  • Better DOM bindings.
  • Many bugs fixed for accelerated compositing with Clutter, both in ELF and GTK+ ports.
  • Stabilization of  the libsoup API.
  • Improvements in the memory use of the V8 Javascript engine.
  • 2D-canvas accelerated support using Cairo OpenGL.
  • Better HTML5 media controls.
  • A new API to retrieve a screenshots from web pages.
  • Progress in accessibility support.
  • Documentation.

The GNOME Foundation and community are very grateful to the sponsors of this event:

GNOME Foundation