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Over 20 GNOME contributors are preparing to travel to Brussels, Belgium, for a three day hackfest this week. The event aims to improve the GNOME development experience by making it easier to create GNOME applications. Hackfest participants have wide-ranging plans and will be looking at development tools, documentation and development frameworks. They will also work on plans to make it easier to install and distribute GNOME applications.

Collaboration is an important part of GNOME’s culture, and the project is seeking to work with other upstream communities in the effort to improve its developer experience. As a result, members of the Linux kernel community will be joining the GNOME contributors in Brussels, where it is hoped that an agenda for future collaboration can be established.

The FOSDEM conference immediately follows the Developer Experience Hackfest, and the hackfest participants will be there in full force. FOSDEM is one of the largest gatherings of free and open source software developers in the world, attracting several thousand hackers annually. There will be several presentations made by GNOME contributors, as well as a GNOME Booth and GNOME Beer Event.

The GNOME Developer Experience Hackfest is being sponsored by the Betagroup Co-working Space and the GNOME Foundation.