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GNOME was founded with the goal of promoting software freedom. We remain committed to the empowerment of our users, and are always looking for ways to improve our software. We want people to be safe, in control, and enriched by the software they use. The GNOME community was inspired by the keynote delivered by Jacob Appelbaum on the topic of privacy at this years’ GUADEC and was reminded of our mission. To this end, GNOME is working on a new campaign focused on privacy. Through this campaign, we aim to enhance GNOME 3 so that it offers one of the most secure computing environments available.

Proceeds from the privacy fundraising campaign will be used to fund development efforts such as:

  • application containment
  • enhanced disk encryption support
  • Tor integration
  • user control over diagnostic reporting features
  • robust VPN routing
  • application integration with system-wide privacy settings
  • controls for how GNOME devices are identified on local networks
  • anti-phishing features for Web, GNOME’s web browser
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