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GNOME needs your help to make its software available to all! GNOME is used on computers all over the world, in countries that use different languages and sometimes even alphabets. We offer everyone the opportunity to have a localized version of GNOME 3, and to use the appropriated keyboard layouts for their country and language. This is made possible by a database which is used to identify which layouts will be interesting to users depending on their country and language. Unfortunately, this database has a lot of gaps.

That’s where you come in. By supplying the information we need, you can help us to predict which keyboard layouts are relevant to a user.

Helping with this task is easy: check out the wiki page and find any keyboard layouts that you use. Then fill in the code for your country and language. If you are new to wikis, we have instructions that will help you get started.

Helping us collect this information is a really quick and easy way to participate in GNOME and to improve the GNOME 3 user experience.