GNOME will be present at FOSDEM 2020 which takes place this weekend in Brussels, Belgium, from February 1 – 2. FOSDEM is one of the largest gatherings for Free Software enthusiasts and contributors.

Photo by Teemu Mäntynen CC BY-NC 2.0

GNOME will be hosting a booth in the K-building where attendees can meet contributors, test the latest version of GNOME, and pick up some of the latest GNOME merch designs.

On Saturday, GNOME will be hosting our famous social evening – GNOME Beers! Gathering at Bonnefooi starting at 7:30pm, we’d love you to come along and socialize, meet staff, and chat with core contributors. Additional details about GNOME’s presence at FOSDEM including more info about the social event is available on GNOME’s FOSDEM wiki page.

We’re looking forward to see you.