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The GNOME Foundation is looking for qualified candidates for the position of Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation. We are looking for an individual with existing experience in the wider nonprofit community, ideally with prior experience establishing and raising funds for programs that deliver impact through technology. Working closely with the existing members, contributors, volunteers, and the wider GNOME community, and managing our relationships with the Advisory Board and other key Free and Open Source Software partners, we hope to find a candidate that can build public awareness and help people learn about, use, and benefit from what GNOME has built over the past two and a half decades.

The GNOME Foundation is a non-profit organization that believes in a world where everyone is empowered by technology they can trust. We do this by building a diverse and sustainable free software personal computing ecosystem. The GNOME community is an influential social and technical contributor to the Free Software and Open Source software stack that continues to leave its mark on every piece of hardware that runs Linux across all technical market segments.

As Executive Director for the GNOME Foundation, you will assume both strategic and execution responsibility for our organization. You have a passion for using your strategic skills to make a difference within the technology space. You will play a key role in identifying and building partnership networks and relationships for strategic gain. You are powerfully skilled in steering innovative thinking, to develop strategy, to facilitate change and impact. You lead with empathy and can effectively connect and collaborate both with team members internally from diverse disciplines and backgrounds, and with partners in the wider for-profit and nonprofit ecosystem who are essential for achieving our goals. You are comfortable with technology, and ideally familiar with Open Source or other collaborative Open Culture organizations and values, giving you a solid basis to understand and work with our project and community to achieve real impact in the programs you are responsible for.

For more details, please see the full Job Description. Please apply via e-mail with a covering letter and a resume to by the 29th of August.