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We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for the GNOME Foundation as we welcome Holly Million to our team as the new Executive Director. Holly is a multi-talented individual with a diverse background in nonprofit leadership, filmmaking, teaching, public speaking, and writing. Her commitment to empowering individuals to make a positive impact aligns perfectly with the values and goals of the GNOME Foundation.

“Holly’s unique blend of passion for empowering individuals and organizations and depth of experience fundraising at a diverse set of non-profits is precisely what the GNOME Foundation is looking for as we enter this new chapter.”

Jonathan Blandford
GNOME Foundation Hiring Committee

Holly brings three decades of invaluable experience in nonprofit management, having served as a consultant, director of development, executive director, and board member for numerous organizations. Notably, she founded the nonprofit organization Artists United, dedicated to empowering individual artists and fostering collaboration across artistic disciplines for the collective good. Additionally, Holly served as the Executive Director of the BioBricks Foundation, an international, open-source biotechnology nonprofit.

Holly holds a Master of Arts in Education from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Harvard University. Her academic background, combined with her extensive professional journey, equips her with a unique perspective that will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and success of the GNOME Foundation.

Portrait of Holly Million

“I am impressed by the international reach of the GNOME community and the diversity of the individuals involved in creating all of this amazing output. Together, you have created something so powerful that can be further harnessed to create even more social benefit.”

Holly Million
GNOME Foundation Executive Director

We are confident that Holly’s visionary leadership and wealth of experience will guide the GNOME Foundation to new heights. Her passion for fostering self-sufficiency and empowering individuals to create positive change aligns seamlessly with our mission to create a free and open source desktop environment for all.

“We are delighted to welcome Holly to the GNOME Foundation. With her experience managing nonprofits, and passion for working with diverse communities of creators and technologists, she can strengthen the Foundation’s unique position as a partner and collaborator at the heart of the GNOME community. And, as an experienced communicator and fundraiser, she can tell our story to the outside world and position the Foundation in the wider ecosystem of nonprofits to raise the profile and impact of our incredible work.”

Robert McQueen
GNOME Foundation Board President

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Holly Million as she takes on the role of Executive Director. We look forward to working together under her guidance to continue advancing the GNOME Foundation’s mission and creating a vibrant, accessible computing experience for users worldwide.

Exciting times lie ahead for the GNOME community, and we are grateful to have Holly Million leading the way.